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It’s official! We adopted our newest member of our family.  Welcome Auggie!  Here’s to a foster failure as they say at Big Dog Ranch Rescue.  There are a few times in my life when I really have to pinch myself and wonder “how did I get this lucky?”   This is one of those times.  Randy and I look at each other and shake our heads that this boy is ours…..this big, lovable, cream puff is with us!  Truly,  how did we get this lucky?

It didn’t take long for these lovable dogs to become friends.   Jiyah and Auggie play every day.  They are fun to watch frolicking throughout the house, and rolling from room to room.  It is hard to tell who starts it, but both seem to have whole lotta fun. There have been a few casualties to their carefree days of summer.  I no longer have paired socks, a few misplaced pillows have lost their corners and a little stuffing.  Socks and pillows make wonderful tug toys so I have learned.  I know now to worry when the house grows quiet.  So I search, listening for a tiny jangle of the their tags.  When they realize that I have appeared in the doorway, they freeze, look at me, and immediately arrive at my side, tails a waggin’ and smiles from ear to ear! They have become quite a pair.


Even the cats, Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs, have silently reached an agreement with Auggie.  Although they are brother and sister, their agreements reveal their distinct and different personalities.    Cloudy’s agreement….I won’t run, if you don’t chase.  Meatballs, on the hand, has his own idea about who is in charge, and without a doubt, it’s him.  He is incredibly stubborn.  When Jiyah arrived, he blocked doorways and refused to allow her passage.    He may be a little older, but he hasn’t lost his touch.  Just one look from Meatballs will stop Auggie in his tracks.  It is good to be king!


Remember when we only had two cats?  Remember when we were just a two cat and a one dog family? I try to recall a time when there was just Jiyah……the more time passes, the harder to recollect.  It has only been twenty seven days, and yet I find that my memory of our life before Auggie is a bit murky.   We have two cats and two dogs… I like the way that sounds.  It feels like he has always been here…..a perfect fit.

So, how did we get this lucky… again?



Jiyah, our black lab

Taking in any animal is a huge responsibility, but taking in a big dog is even more so!  All 70 plus pounds arrived with boundless energy and love.

Our first concern…how would Jiyah react to another dog?  She was our one and only dog in the house and she was so delicate when she arrived five years ago.  Walking her was a painful reminder of every thing frightening.  The crunching of leaves, the work boots, trucks, motorcycles, bikes, children, other dogs, people, branches, wind, and so it went.  She would bolt in any direction at the slightest disturbance.  The first time we attempted a walk, we were only two houses down when she literally launched herself into my chest.  I really believed she wanted me to carry her 45 pounds home.  I didn’t but it would have been easier if I had.  I used to tell her if I was her Kanga then she was my Roo.  She would have been happy to sit in my pouch!

We want and hope many things for our, health, happiness.  But, I had one more hope… hope that one day she would be a “real dog” much like Geppetto wished for a real boy.   Not that she wasn’t a real dog in the sense that she played fetch, ate, barked, walked with me (eventually), rode in the truck, and went to beach.  But, in the sense that she began to believe that she was her own dog, had her own courage, her own likes, and dislikes.  Most importantly that she was confident in her own “dogness.”  It sounds strange, but there is something about her that I felt was missing and it wasn’t something I could give her.  (Even though I thought that I would be all she ever needed.)

Enter Auggie.  A very large, lovable boy who has boundless energy, love and confidence.  Maybe it is just me, but when Jiyah and Auggie walk together she walks easier, a little taller, shoulder to shoulder with Auggie.  Maybe she can be a real dog, like all the other dogs.  Like Auggie, cool, confident, happy!




Finding my home!

“Heaven goes by…

“Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.”
― Mark Twain

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