Jiyah, our black lab

Taking in any animal is a huge responsibility, but taking in a big dog is even more so!  All 70 plus pounds arrived with boundless energy and love.

Our first concern…how would Jiyah react to another dog?  She was our one and only dog in the house and she was so delicate when she arrived five years ago.  Walking her was a painful reminder of every thing frightening.  The crunching of leaves, the work boots, trucks, motorcycles, bikes, children, other dogs, people, branches, wind, and so it went.  She would bolt in any direction at the slightest disturbance.  The first time we attempted a walk, we were only two houses down when she literally launched herself into my chest.  I really believed she wanted me to carry her 45 pounds home.  I didn’t but it would have been easier if I had.  I used to tell her if I was her Kanga then she was my Roo.  She would have been happy to sit in my pouch!

We want and hope many things for our pets..love, health, happiness.  But, I had one more hope…..my hope that one day she would be a “real dog” much like Geppetto wished for a real boy.   Not that she wasn’t a real dog in the sense that she played fetch, ate, barked, walked with me (eventually), rode in the truck, and went to beach.  But, in the sense that she began to believe that she was her own dog, had her own courage, her own likes, and dislikes.  Most importantly that she was confident in her own “dogness.”  It sounds strange, but there is something about her that I felt was missing and it wasn’t something I could give her.  (Even though I thought that I would be all she ever needed.)

Enter Auggie.  A very large, lovable boy who has boundless energy, love and confidence.  Maybe it is just me, but when Jiyah and Auggie walk together she walks easier, a little taller, shoulder to shoulder with Auggie.  Maybe she can be a real dog, like all the other dogs.  Like Auggie, cool, confident, happy!



6 responses to “Jiyah, our black lab

  1. Robin Clark

    Wow! So happy Jiyah has accepted Auggie! It sure sounds like he’s the big (physically) brother to give her confidence . . . now, that’s magic 🙂

  2. Robin, thank you! Auggie and Jiyah are fast becoming friends…it is magic!

  3. Erin Marshall

    Your description of Jiyah reminds me so much of my Mully. Our first walk was two houses down before she bolted headlong for our house with me attached to the leash! I also had hope that she would gain enough confidence to be a real “doggy” dog. We’ve made lots of progress. So happy to hear that Auggie has helped Jiyah in this way:)

  4. Wow! I am so happy for “Jiyah & Auggie.” When I was reading your story about Jiyah, I couldn’t believe it! We are going through the same thing with our Morgan. She was the lobby dog at the BDR for so long. Her backstory is horrendous, and no one really wanted her…until I saw that face. Actually, the girls at the ranch told me it was a horrible picture of her, but I will never forget the late night I was on facebook & saw her. The rest is history! We adopted Morgan on Jan. 25, 2012. In fact, she wouldn’t even walk to the car. My husband had to carry her! She has made tremendous strides since then, but it seems like it’s two steps forward & 10 back! She just doesn’t trust humans, which is OK, because she is MINE & I will work with her, and I have all the patience in the world. I just want her to be a happy dog, which she is when she goes to the dog park. She LOVES other dogs!! I remember saying, “I wish she would sleep with us.” Well, now she sleeps in bed w/us every night & I LOVE IT!! What we have been debating is whether to get her a new friend for home?? Morgan joined our family when our Lukey was 15. He lived until 16yrs. old but couldn’t hold on any longer. I have tried everything to make Morgan more social but like you stated, she will walk with us, hear a noise & bolt back home so fast it’s crazy. She also will not walk with me outside until the sun goes down! But, this sweet, precious baby is such a character!! She is the sweetest dog in the world. Loves my grandkids, but still is so afraid of EVERYTHING it makes me sad!! We have been thinking of getting another dog from the Ranch, so she will come out of her shell. She LOVES other dogs & after reading your story about Auggie, I believe God just answered my prayer!! In fact, we were going to the Ranch today, but my granddaughter got sick and we had to cancel. She is 11yrs old & wants to be a Vet. She beggs us to take her to the Ranch so today was the day. That’s OK…our Morgan’s little friend is there, and waiting! It is official..my Morgie needs a doggie friend. So, Thank You So Much for the love you have for your pets & for sharing Auggie & Jiyah’s story. They are precious! I know “Our Auggie” is out there too!! God Bless your family & God Bless your wonderful doggies & cats. We enjoy reading about them so much. And, see, another doggie will be finding a furever home because of Auggie…hopefully very soon!

    • Sharon, thank you for sharing! I hope your granddaughter feels better soon. I know now that Jiyah and I aren’t alone in our quest. It was rough at first. Although our vet was very supportive, it was difficult because I had no one to talk to about Jiyah. It seemed as though all the dog owners in our neighborhood had “normal” dogs!

      I know that you and Morgan will also find the perfect friend! And thank you for adopting…again! Please keep us updated.

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